5 Reasons to Hire a DUI Lawyer

5 Reasons to Hire a DUI Lawyer

DUI, or driving under the influence, is a criminal offense. While many people think of DUI as being under the influence of alcohol, laws have changed to include other types of drugs in the inclusion as well. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, it’s time to start putting things into perspective before your life is turned upside down. Take a look at 5 of the many reasons to hire a DUI attorney if you’ve been charged with DUI.

  1. Prepare a Defense

You will need a good defense if you ever plan to win a DUI case. Attempting to create this on your own isn’t easy. A lawyer, on the other hand, is an expert on preparing defense strategies that get results. At a critical time, such as this, nothing could be better.


  1. Minimize the Consequences

Conviction of a DUI charge can result in loss of your driver’s license, loss of vehicle registration, time behind bars, probation, fines, and a slew of additional consequences. Rather than face a world that’s been turned upside down as a result of a conviction, a lawyer minimizes the penalties that you will face should you be convicted.

  1. Alleviates Stress

With so much on the line if you’re convicted of DUI, it can be tough to go through each day until your court appearance without worry. That is, unless there is a lawyer on your side. Lawyers give you assurance and confidence in your case and nothing is more important.

  1. You’re not Guilty

Believe it or not, many people charged with DUI aren’t guilty of the offense at all. It happens more often than you’d like to think. If you are not guilty of the crime that you’ve been charged with it is important that you retain a lawyer to keep you out of hot water.

  1. It’s not your First DUI Charge

If you have been charged with DUI in the past, the consequences for a subsequent conviction increase. There is the chance of more jail time; higher fines; and other penalties. Make sure that you have a lawyer to represent you so you have a chance at resolving the matter without hassle. Whether it is a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or greater offense, do not go to court without an attorney.


Final Thoughts

It is safe to say that a DUI attorney is always a valuable asset to anyone facing this charge in a court of lawyers. DUI lawyers devote their practice to this specific area of law. They know it like the back of their hands. If you want to go to court and face your DUI charge with confidence, schedule a free consultation with an attorney without delay. There’s a good chance that you will find a lawyer will greatly benefit you, too.

5 Occasions Men need to Hire a Lawyer

5 Occasions Men need to Hire a Lawyer

Lawyers handle a wide variety of legal matters for both women and men, assisting with everything from criminal charges to real estate transactions and adoption. There are many times when you will need a lawyer to represent you in court, but men have issues specific to them. It is those issues that must signify the need for an awesome lawyer to represent your matter.  Let’s take a look a 5 occasions when it is imperative for a man to hire a lawyer.

  1. Divorce

When happily ever after goes haywire and you’re ready to call it quits, it is tempting to handle a divorce on your own. But unless you are one of the lucky few without children, property, and disputes it is never a good idea to handle a divorce without the expertise of a lawyer assisting you.

  1. Child Support

Did you know that failure to pay child support could land you behind bars and cause suspension of your driving privileges? It is true and if something like this threatens your livelihood, you need a lawyer. Additionally a lawyer can assist with other child support matters, including reduction of an order, enforcement of an order and more.

  1. Paternity

Whether you need to establish paternity, remove yourself from a birth certificate after paternity test, or something else involving child paternity, it is always in your best interest to have a lawyer by your side. These matters can quickly become complicated and you certainly don’t want this hassle.

  1. Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence is a physical altercation between spouses or those in a relationship or family members. It is a very serious matter, but as we all know sometimes things can get carried away, anger can take over, and things can become blown out of proportion. No matter what he case, always have a domestic violence lawyer representing you in court.

  1. Spousal Support

During or after a divorce, your spouse may ask for spousal support. Oftentimes judges award this support if you were the sole or main breadwinner in the relationship. If spousal support is request, a lawyer ensures that you are paying the right amount and assists with a number of other issues regarding the support as well.


The Bottom Line

Obviously these aren’t the only issues that affect men and signal the need to hire a lawyer, but they are some of those specific to men when hiring a lawyer might be the last thing on your mind. Make sure that you compare the lawyers in the area, asking friends and family to refer you to someone and using the internet to research and in no time at all you’ll have you case handled with care.

5 Occasions you need a Lawyer

5 Occasions you need a Lawyer

Sometimes it is easy to decide if you’ll need a lawyer –you’ve been charged with a serious crime, for instance. Other times, however, deciding whether hiring a lawyer is worth the money isn’t so clear. But if any of the five following events take place in your life, it is safe to say that you indeed need a lawyer on your side A.S.A.P.

Happy Young Business Woman Work In Modern Office On Computer

  1. Accident Injuries

Car accidents occur every 15 seconds across the U.S., oftentimes ending with serious injuries. If anyone tells you that a lawyer isn’t necessary after this type of event, close your ears tightly and stop listening. This is one of the most important times in life to hire a lawyer. Without a lawyer, you might end up paying for your injuries all over again.

  1. Felony Crime

Felony crimes are punishable by a minimum of one year in a penal institution, with a lifetime maximum penalty. Of course this varies according to the criminal charge, but do you really want to take any chances?

  1. Adoption

Adopting a child is a blessing. It enables a couple to become parents to a child that needs them desperately. Everyone wins. But adoption is rarely simple. In fact, it can be quite complex, particularly if you are adopting internationally. A lawyer makes the process of adoption far easier.

  1. Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is something very few people enjoy, but it is sometimes necessary when you’ve gotten over your head in debt and have no other way out. As with an adoption, bankruptcy is fairly complex. There are numerous issues that you need to conquer to file bankruptcy and the latest laws must be met. A lawyer ensures that your bankruptcy goes smoothly, so do not attempt to file for bankruptcy without one by your side.

  1. Discrimination

Whether it is workplace discrimination affecting your life, or discrimination elsewhere, do not allow it to continue.  There are laws in place to protect you from such behavior; make sure that you enforce those laws and speak to a lawyer about your case quickly.

The Bottom Line

Lawyers are legal experts who provide their knowledge when we need it the most. Although there are far more occasions in which a lawyer is necessary, the five listed above are definite times of importance for a lawyer. Do not make the mistake of going to court alone; hire a lawyer and get the results that you want.

Stopped for DUI? 5 Tips to keep in Mind

DUI, or Driving Under the Influence, is a serious charge in Alabama. Individuals convicted of the charge may face consequences including time in jail, loss of driving privileges, costlier auto insurance and huge fines, not to mention a tarnished reputation. Rather than experience these life-changing consequences of being found guilty, keep these tips in mind when you are stopped for DUI. This information ensures that you are not convicting yourself before your day in court arrives.

Stay in the Car

Upon seeing those flashing lights, safely pull over to the side of the road. Remain seated. Do not unbuckle your seat belt and do not reach for anything until the officer arrives and requests that you did so.

Do not act Suspicious

There’s always a bit of uneasiness when pulled over by a law enforcement officer, however, the trained professionals know all of the signs of an individual trying to hide something or who is afraid of being arrested. Play it cool when you are pulled over. Follow all instruction given by the officer, and never act like you are guilty of a crime.

What’s that you Say?

Stop talking; evoke your right to remain silent because it is true that everything you say can and will be used against you. So many people make this mistake; do not be the next. Say as little as possible while respectfully answering the questions of the officer. For example, when asked how many alcoholic beverages you’ve consumed, tell the officer you are unsure rather than give a specific number. This could come back to haunt you later.

Take the BAC Test

The Blood Alcohol Content test is also known as a breathalyzer. Take this test because failure to do so will result in an automatic charge of DUI. No judge in the state is going to take too lightly to an individual reusing to take this test. He will assume that you have something to hide or that you simply want to give officers a dicot time. Think twice before you say no to this test.

What kind of Test is This?

Although the BAC test is one that you shouldn’t refuse, there are several that police officers oftentimes give that are not considered reliable. These are known as non-standardized sobriety tests. You are under no obligation to take such test, so do not volunteer to do so. Always ask the officer is the test is mandatory. If it is not, don’t take it.

DUI Attorney in Alabama

It is always a good idea to seek the counsel of an experienced DUI attorney if you’ve been charged with this crime. DUI lawyers ensure that you are not found guilty before your case is heard, and that your voice, your evidence, is a part of the case. DUI cases oftentimes go downhill for the accused because they are unaware of their rights when pulled over. Know the facts and do not allow fear or a lack of knowledge find you guilty for DUI.

Types of Lawyers

Very few people make it their entire life without the need for a lawyer. While lawyers are well-known for defending those charged with a crime, this is far from the only kind of legal expertise that you can gain with the assistance of a lawyer. Let’s take a look at some of the different kinds of lawyers found in the state.

Bankruptcy Lawyer: A bankruptcy lawyer is one who helps individuals who desire to get out of debt by filing bankruptcy. These lawyers assist individuals, businesses and corporations with these decisions, handling paperwork, filings and more.

Real Estate Lawyer: A Real Estate lawyer is one who handles various types of real estate transactions. This could be the sale or transfer of a home, buying a home or starting a new business. The information that a real estate lawyer has concerning these deals is magnificent, giving you peace of mind and assurance in your transactions.


Family Law Lawyer: Family law is one of those laws that touches the hearts of most. Family law lawyers can help individuals and families with a variety of family related matters, including divorce, child custody, adoption and more.

Civil Rights Lawyer: A civil rights lawyer is one who defends your civil rights when you feel they have been violated. Cases this lawyer handle include discrimination in the workplace, human rights, gay and lesbian rights, constitutional laws and others.

Immigration Lawyer: If you wish to immigrate to another country, you’re likely going to require the services of an immigration lawyer. This lawyer assists with the mounds of paperwork required as well as the rest of the necessary information needed.

Personal Injury Lawyer: When you’ve been injured, a personal injury lawyer should be retained to help you find the justice that you deserve. This type of lawyer aids those who have been injured in a car wreck, at their workplace, as the result of medical malpractice and more.

DUI Lawyer: A DUI lawyer is someone that defends an individual charged with the crime of driving under the influence. A DUI Conviction can greatly change your life but with a DUI lawyer standing by your side, this is unlikely to happen.

Employment Lawyer: An employment lawyer helps those who feel they have been wronged at their workplace, whether that is by sexual harassment, workplace safety, workers comp, illegal termination or something else.

No matter what life throws at you, there is a lawyer there to help you in your time of need. These are just some of the many lawyer types out there.

Is Marijuana Legal in Alabama?

Marijuana legalization is a hot topic around the world. Currently, five states have laws that make it okay to use recreational marijuana, and grow up to two plants for personal use. Those five states are Colorado, California, Utah, Oregon, and Alaska. Other states have medical marijuana laws in place, and many others are considering the legalization of the drug. Where does Alabama stand on marijuana legalization?


Alabama is one state that has not decriminalized marijuana, so being caught with the drug in any amount is illegal and you may be arrested and charged with a crime. This includes marijuana for both personal use and the sales of the product. The state of Alabama is still pretty tough with their marijuana laws. The judges in the state will certainly not take It easy on you if you are found to be in possession of the drug.

Generally speaking, marijuana is classified as a misdemeanor offense. Possession of marijuana charges can lead to up to 11 months, 29 days incarceration, fines, fees, and other penalties if found guilty. If you are caught selling marijuana, the misdemeanor charge then becomes a felony with penalties that are far more severe. A felony conviction of marijuana possession can result in an incarceration period of no less than one year, and as long as 20 years. If you are caught selling marijuana to a minor, that penalty extends to 10 years up to life in prison.

If you are caught with a weight totaling 2.2 pounds or more of marijuana, you may be guilty of drug trafficking. A minimum of here years in prison and a fine of $25,000 are the consequences of drug trafficking marijuana. This is in amounts of up to 100 pounds. As you might imagine, the penalties worsen with the more that you have on you.

Possession of marijuana related paraphernalia is also punishable by law. Paraphernalia possession (grinders, weight scales, pipes, etc.) come with the same penalties as causal possession: you could face up to 11 months, 29 days in prison, in addition to fines. Cultivating marijuana in Alabama is also charged as a simple possession, as long as you are not growing more than 2.2 pounds. In this case the charge then becomes a felony.

All convictions of marijuana possession in the state of Alabama also include the penalty of a driver’s license suspension of at least six months.

Yes, you need a Criminal Law Attorney

Yes, you need a Criminal Law Attorney


Every single day in Alabama, men and women are charged with committing various crimes throughout the state. Each of those people charged with a crime face the risk of spending time in jail if convicted for the crime when the court date arrives. The amount of time one may spend behind bars varies according to the type of crime, and other factors, such as the defendant (or person charged with the crime) criminal history, age of the defendant and more. A misdemeanor crime carries a penalty of up to 11 months, 29 days while a felony case carries a penalty of at least one year in prison up to life in prison.

Examples of misdemeanor charges:

Law gavel on white.

Law gavel on white.

  • Driving on Suspended License
  • Theft under $500
  • Assault and Battery
  • Domestic Assault
  • Open Container
  • Prostitution
  • Criminal Trespassing
  • Vandalism

Examples of felony charges include:

  • Aggravated Assault
  • Rape
  • Sexual Assault
  • Kidnapping
  • Rape
  • Murder
  • Child Pornography

These are just some of the many crimes that an individual may be charged with in Alabama. In addition to time behind bars, a conviction of any of these crimes could also result in probation, parole, special classes, and fines. You can also lose your right to hold a driver’s license in the state for some crimes, and there are other penalties that may result as well.

Many times both misdemeanor and felony charges require the expertise of a lawyer; however, the felony charges are the most serious of the two types of crimes. You almost always need an attorney to defend you in court when charged with a felony crime. With the help of a lawyer it is possible to get your charges throw out of court and dismissed, or to receive a less harsh punishment if you are found or plead guilty. Only a lawyer can make this happen, however, so always consider hiring a legal expertise if you are charged with committing a criminal offense.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you are charged with a crime, it is a good idea to have the legal expertise of lawyer standing next to you. With the help of a lawyer, you are less likely to face the harsh penalties that come along with a conviction, and will be able to walk out of the courtroom free, rather than with a sentence behind bars. Talk to a lawyer during a free consultation, and get what you need when charged with a crime.

Best Interest of the Child Act in Alabama

Best Interest of the Child Act in Alabama

Happy Young Business Woman Work In Modern Office On Computer

Happy Young Business Woman Work In Modern Office On Computer

Many people choose to adopt a child to call their own. Some people even choose to become foster parents before they adopt a child. There are numerous reasons that an individual chooses to adopt, whether they are unable to have children of their own or simply want to help a child in need. Regardless of the reason you’ve chosen to adopt, the process was, at one time, very expensive and very lengthy. These two factors stopped many people who would love to adopt a child from taking the steps toward adoption. Things changed in Alabama in 2013, however, when the ‘Best Interest of the Child’ Act was signed and put into place.

The act, signed by Governor Bentley on April 24, 2013, aims to improve the state’s foster care system. At one time, Alabama ranked sixth in the nation for foster care systems. In 2013 the state ranked 33rd. After careful research of the matter, legislators thought it would improve the foster care system if the time of adoption was improved.legal_banner_538

The House Bill 115/ SB 307, initiates the following changes regarding adoption in the state.

  • For children who have been in foster care for 12 of the past 22 months, termination of parental rights can be filed. This is down from the prior time frame o 15 months.
  • There is a maximum of 90 days for TPR cases to be heard, and 30 days after a court order has been issued.

The act will help children get in and out of foster care much quicker, ad into the arms of a loving, permanent home. Adoption rates have increased with the act as well.

If you are an individual or a couple looking to adopt, this house bill will certainly make it a much easier process. It is a good idea to talk to a Mobile family law attorney if you are interested in adopting a child.

Why you shouldn’t Stay Together for the Kids

Why you shouldn’t Stay Together for the Kids



More than 60% of all marriages will end in divorce. Slightly higher divorce rates exist with second or subsequent marriages. Those numbers would quite possibly be higher if there weren’t also many couples staying in loveless, lifeless marriages for the sake of the children. Many couples stay together because it is easier than getting divorced and they assume that, regardless of the situations at home, children want to remain together as a family.

While you might desire nothing more than living life with your spouse and children there are some situations that simply cannot be worked out. If you are arguing with your spouse more than you’re taking; if there is abuse of any sorts; spousal affairs and similar situations all warrant situations that children need to be out of as soon as possible. In these cases it is usually worse for the parents to stay together than it is to sever ties and file for divorce. Statistics show that children of divorced parents grow up to be emotionally stable adults who lead satisfying lives. However, children who witnessed such situations as noted above were more likely to commit crimes, become abusive to their partners, and involve themselves with alcohol and drugs.
If you are able to maintain a good relationship with your spouse but simply no longer feel the flame that once burned, staying together for the kids might work –temporarily. We all need love and companionship, and eventually you’ll seek that from someone else. This can cause more problems than what it is worth.
Children will face emotional triumphs when parents stay in marriages that have dissolved. Sometimes they feel compelled to favor one parent over the other. There may even be resentment from the child if the marriage continues when there is no hope for repair.
In an ideal world all marriages would have the fairy tale ending and the happily ever after. But we all know that this world is anything but ideal. If your marriage is on the rocks, divorcee might be the last thing that you want to happen, but it may very well be the best thing that can happen. Never stay in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy

How to make your Divorce Easier

How to make your Divorce Easier with KMF Law

How to make your Divorce Easier

How to make your Divorce Easier

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take some of the headache and stress out of your divorce? While some things cannot be changed, there are a number of ways that you can make your divorce easier for all parties involved. If you do not want to endure any extra hassle, it is in your best interest to put a few of these tips to good use in your life.

The first way to make divorce easier is to set realistic expectations. It will take an average of one year for a divorce to be finalized. Do not ty to jump through hurdles only to get disappointed. Know who and what you are dealing with, and do not expect more than what you know you are going to receive. Another tip is to try to keep things as cordial as possible with your spouse. Never talk badly about them in front of the kids and certainly do not use this as a time to be spiteful. The more cordial you are, the easier things will be for everyone.

It is also a good idea that you have a divorce lawyer on your side. A Mobile divorce lawyer will make the divorce easier, simpler and quicker, and they eliminate a lot of the hassles that you want to avoid. Divorce lawyers are also experts on the laws of divorce, so you’ll have greater confidence.

If you want to save some cash on the cost of your divorce, make sure that you are always available for communication with the lawyer.
You never know when one little question could hold things up drastically. Return calls if you are unable to accept it. You should also be willing to listen to your spouse, and maintain a positive attitude.

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