5 Occasions you need a Lawyer

Sometimes it is easy to decide if you’ll need a lawyer –you’ve been charged with a serious crime, for instance. Other times, however, deciding whether hiring a lawyer is worth the money isn’t so clear. But if any of the five following events take place in your life, it is safe to say that you indeed need a lawyer on your side A.S.A.P.

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  1. Accident Injuries

Car accidents occur every 15 seconds across the U.S., oftentimes ending with serious injuries. If anyone tells you that a lawyer isn’t necessary after this type of event, close your ears tightly and stop listening. This is one of the most important times in life to hire a lawyer. Without a lawyer, you might end up paying for your injuries all over again.

  1. Felony Crime

Felony crimes are punishable by a minimum of one year in a penal institution, with a lifetime maximum penalty. Of course this varies according to the criminal charge, but do you really want to take any chances?

  1. Adoption

Adopting a child is a blessing. It enables a couple to become parents to a child that needs them desperately. Everyone wins. But adoption is rarely simple. In fact, it can be quite complex, particularly if you are adopting internationally. A lawyer makes the process of adoption far easier.

  1. Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is something very few people enjoy, but it is sometimes necessary when you’ve gotten over your head in debt and have no other way out. As with an adoption, bankruptcy is fairly complex. There are numerous issues that you need to conquer to file bankruptcy and the latest laws must be met. A lawyer ensures that your bankruptcy goes smoothly, so do not attempt to file for bankruptcy without one by your side.

  1. Discrimination

Whether it is workplace discrimination affecting your life, or discrimination elsewhere, do not allow it to continue.  There are laws in place to protect you from such behavior; make sure that you enforce those laws and speak to a lawyer about your case quickly.

The Bottom Line

Lawyers are legal experts who provide their knowledge when we need it the most. Although there are far more occasions in which a lawyer is necessary, the five listed above are definite times of importance for a lawyer. Do not make the mistake of going to court alone; hire a lawyer and get the results that you want.