Best Interest of the Child Act in Alabama

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Happy Young Business Woman Work In Modern Office On Computer

Many people choose to adopt a child to call their own. Some people even choose to become foster parents before they adopt a child. There are numerous reasons that an individual chooses to adopt, whether they are unable to have children of their own or simply want to help a child in need. Regardless of the reason you’ve chosen to adopt, the process was, at one time, very expensive and very lengthy. These two factors stopped many people who would love to adopt a child from taking the steps toward adoption. Things changed in Alabama in 2013, however, when the ‘Best Interest of the Child’ Act was signed and put into place.

The act, signed by Governor Bentley on April 24, 2013, aims to improve the state’s foster care system. At one time, Alabama ranked sixth in the nation for foster care systems. In 2013 the state ranked 33rd. After careful research of the matter, legislators thought it would improve the foster care system if the time of adoption was improved.legal_banner_538

The House Bill 115/ SB 307, initiates the following changes regarding adoption in the state.

  • For children who have been in foster care for 12 of the past 22 months, termination of parental rights can be filed. This is down from the prior time frame o 15 months.
  • There is a maximum of 90 days for TPR cases to be heard, and 30 days after a court order has been issued.

The act will help children get in and out of foster care much quicker, ad into the arms of a loving, permanent home. Adoption rates have increased with the act as well.

If you are an individual or a couple looking to adopt, this house bill will certainly make it a much easier process. It is a good idea to talk to a Mobile family law attorney if you are interested in adopting a child.