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Best Interest of the Child Act in Alabama

Best Interest of the Child Act in Alabama

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Happy Young Business Woman Work In Modern Office On Computer

Many people choose to adopt a child to call their own. Some people even choose to become foster parents before they adopt a child. There are numerous reasons that an individual chooses to adopt, whether they are unable to have children of their own or simply want to help a child in need. Regardless of the reason you’ve chosen to adopt, the process was, at one time, very expensive and very lengthy. These two factors stopped many people who would love to adopt a child from taking the steps toward adoption. Things changed in Alabama in 2013, however, when the ‘Best Interest of the Child’ Act was signed and put into place.

The act, signed by Governor Bentley on April 24, 2013, aims to improve the state’s foster care system. At one time, Alabama ranked sixth in the nation for foster care systems. In 2013 the state ranked 33rd. After careful research of the matter, legislators thought it would improve the foster care system if the time of adoption was improved.legal_banner_538

The House Bill 115/ SB 307, initiates the following changes regarding adoption in the state.

  • For children who have been in foster care for 12 of the past 22 months, termination of parental rights can be filed. This is down from the prior time frame o 15 months.
  • There is a maximum of 90 days for TPR cases to be heard, and 30 days after a court order has been issued.

The act will help children get in and out of foster care much quicker, ad into the arms of a loving, permanent home. Adoption rates have increased with the act as well.

If you are an individual or a couple looking to adopt, this house bill will certainly make it a much easier process. It is a good idea to talk to a Mobile family law attorney if you are interested in adopting a child.

Why you shouldn’t Stay Together for the Kids

Why you shouldn’t Stay Together for the Kids



More than 60% of all marriages will end in divorce. Slightly higher divorce rates exist with second or subsequent marriages. Those numbers would quite possibly be higher if there weren’t also many couples staying in loveless, lifeless marriages for the sake of the children. Many couples stay together because it is easier than getting divorced and they assume that, regardless of the situations at home, children want to remain together as a family.

While you might desire nothing more than living life with your spouse and children there are some situations that simply cannot be worked out. If you are arguing with your spouse more than you’re taking; if there is abuse of any sorts; spousal affairs and similar situations all warrant situations that children need to be out of as soon as possible. In these cases it is usually worse for the parents to stay together than it is to sever ties and file for divorce. Statistics show that children of divorced parents grow up to be emotionally stable adults who lead satisfying lives. However, children who witnessed such situations as noted above were more likely to commit crimes, become abusive to their partners, and involve themselves with alcohol and drugs.
If you are able to maintain a good relationship with your spouse but simply no longer feel the flame that once burned, staying together for the kids might work –temporarily. We all need love and companionship, and eventually you’ll seek that from someone else. This can cause more problems than what it is worth.
Children will face emotional triumphs when parents stay in marriages that have dissolved. Sometimes they feel compelled to favor one parent over the other. There may even be resentment from the child if the marriage continues when there is no hope for repair.
In an ideal world all marriages would have the fairy tale ending and the happily ever after. But we all know that this world is anything but ideal. If your marriage is on the rocks, divorcee might be the last thing that you want to happen, but it may very well be the best thing that can happen. Never stay in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy

How to make your Divorce Easier

How to make your Divorce Easier with KMF Law

How to make your Divorce Easier

How to make your Divorce Easier

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take some of the headache and stress out of your divorce? While some things cannot be changed, there are a number of ways that you can make your divorce easier for all parties involved. If you do not want to endure any extra hassle, it is in your best interest to put a few of these tips to good use in your life.

The first way to make divorce easier is to set realistic expectations. It will take an average of one year for a divorce to be finalized. Do not ty to jump through hurdles only to get disappointed. Know who and what you are dealing with, and do not expect more than what you know you are going to receive. Another tip is to try to keep things as cordial as possible with your spouse. Never talk badly about them in front of the kids and certainly do not use this as a time to be spiteful. The more cordial you are, the easier things will be for everyone.

It is also a good idea that you have a divorce lawyer on your side. A Mobile divorce lawyer will make the divorce easier, simpler and quicker, and they eliminate a lot of the hassles that you want to avoid. Divorce lawyers are also experts on the laws of divorce, so you’ll have greater confidence.

If you want to save some cash on the cost of your divorce, make sure that you are always available for communication with the lawyer.
You never know when one little question could hold things up drastically. Return calls if you are unable to accept it. You should also be willing to listen to your spouse, and maintain a positive attitude.

Buying a House with the Help of a Lawyer


When you were little, you surely have imagined how your house would look like and what furniture will it have. It’s true for most of us that buying a house and owning it are the most important things that a person can do with his or her money. We are not talking about a small sum of money, like the equivalent of a soda can. What we are talking about is the price of a property and the property itself that is bought with that money.

Having a lawyer assist you is the most important thing that you have to do. This is because buying or selling a house falls under the laws of real property. It’s not exactly easy to make this kind of transaction, because this law is like nothing else in this matter. It has its own uniqueness and does present some interesting issues that cannot be found in any other law.

Short Presentation

LEGAL_1It’s a fact that most people buy their houses from intermediaries, also known as real estate agents. The procedure is that the person who wants to sell signs a brokerage contract with the agent. When the possible buyer is found, there are some negotiations conducted through the agent. It doesn’t take long to reach an agreement, and once this has happened, the seller and the buyer will sign a contract for that sale.

Once this is done, the person who wants to buy will have to get a financing commitment. This can happen also before the contract is signed to make sure the buyer can afford a certain sum of money to buy a house. The property title is checked to make sure there are no problems and soon after, the property will be transferred from one person to another. The buyer gets the property and the seller gets the money.

In theory, everybody should be happy once the transaction is finished, but the truth is that without a lawyer, both of these persons involved in buying and selling can suffer terrible consequences.

How Can a Lawyer Help You?

visuel-legalReal estate lawyers are those who are specialized in the real estate law. This means that they know everything there is to know about this law. During a sale, there can appear some common issues, and a lawyer will help you avoid them.

Sometimes, the broker uses standard forms that are filled by the seller. As often is the case, that form does not cover everything that can be met in practice while selling a house. For example, if it is not said otherwise, the seller can pay a commission to the broker, even if the sale did not occur. Some brokers apply other technique – they ask for more than one commission, and if the seller doesn’t pay attention to what he signs, then he will have to pay. A lawyer can help you out with this in no time, as the real estate lawyers are specially trained to identify and wrongness in this kind of contract.

Why Do You Need This?

Some people are not sure why they need a lawyer when they buy a house. Apart from what was stated before, there are also some things that you have to consider when buying a house.

trusted-legal-services-for-New-York-businessesYou surely don’t want a house in a poor condition, as the price is already exorbitant, you surely don’t need to pay for other things too, like important repairs or getting some special licenses.

When you buy the house, make sure you ask the seller to see all the papers of the house and show them to a lawyer. He or she will be able to tell you if the house has suffered modifications and if everything was done lawfully. There are some others things to be considered. For example, a lawyer will be able to tell you what you need to do if you ask for a house inspection and the property is found in a very bad condition. There can also be problems if the property has hazardous waste on it, and a lawyer will be able to offer you the best legal advice.

For all this and a lot more, come to KMF Law and we’ll help you out!

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