Contact a Lawyer for Child neglect Charges

In Birmingham, a Panama City Beach couple was arrested and charged with child neglect after the 6-year old child they were responsible for caring for arrived at school with live bed bugs crawling in his hair and inside of his lunch box. But the story doesn’t stop there. Official say the boy, who weighs only 37 pounds, is extremely malnourished, comes to school wearing dirty clothing and appearing unbathed/ungroomed, and wears diapers because he is not potty trained.

This is not the first incident with this boy and his caregivers, 54-year old Helena Jones and 59-year old James Claremont Jones.  Police say the house was recently condemned due to the severe stage of bedbug infestation. The little boy is thought to be over-medicated as well, causing issues affecting his ability to walk and stand.

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More Child Neglect Cases

This case of child neglect is just one of many that police officials across the state of Alabama are seeing. Circumstances of child neglect cases vary, but one thing is without question, and that is the need for a criminal lawyer if you’re charged with this crime.

You can be charged with child neglect in the state of Alabama if it is believed that any harm or threatened harm is caused to a minor under the age of 18 years old. This can be caused by physical, mental, or sexual abuse by an adult held to care for the child or children.

Child neglect is a Class C felony punishable by 1 year up to 10 years in prison. If you’ve been convicted of child neglect in the past, the charge is upgraded to aggravated child abuse. This crime is also a felony, a class B, and if convicted, could result in punishment of 2 to 20 years in prison along with a fine of $30,000.

Talk to a Criminal Lawyer if you’re Charged with Child Neglect

Although child neglect is a serious charge, sometimes things aren’t quite what they seem. The one and only way to ensure that you’re not deemed guilty until proven innocent is to have a lawyer on your side that can ensure that your voice is heard.

Criminal lawyers get the facts of the case, proving what really happened. They’ll prepare a defense strategy in your case. Sometimes things go too far; that doesn’t make you a bad person. With a criminal lawyer representing you, there is a much less chance that this will occur.